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About Us

What distinguishes Humans in Learning from other learning services or platforms is our commitment to taking a cognitive, human centric approach to learning, based on scientific & evidence-based facts.

As IT professionals we always strive to make sure that our knowledge and education material provides a comprehensive and focused overview on the state of the topic discussed.

What we do

During our sessions, we define each module based on empirical research and grounded in hands-on industry practices and projects, rather than offering generic recommendations, describing best practices or summarizing software development accomplishments.

We are IT professionals still working and having fun in the trenches of software delivery always linking the theoretical concepts with our practical experience. We use our industry experience to tailor the information to best fit the audience level of knowledge and interest.

All of our classes have the purpose to:

  • provide a concise description of the theory or model with concrete examples by making connections with what learners know about the training topic
  • in order to increase the learning, we give learners time to discuss, question, move, act, participate, teach and learn from each other
  • actively apply the new concepts through exercises by making use of the concepts learned. Exercising the new concepts leads to developing a new skill.
  • the new concepts learned can be applied in the context of a larger, more complex project. HiL experience aims to deliver trainings that resemble the real life inside company projects)
  • summarise, evaluate and suggest future directions of development and plan on how to apply the new skills and knowledge.

Our mission

At HiL we understand that learning is unique to each individual and for this we seek to enhance and take advantage of the skills that each learner already has, rather than creating a uniform set of knowledge. To make sure our participants are successful in acquiring knowledge and gain the ability of applying that knowledge based on context, we follow a 3 step approach:

1 Setting a goal that serves more as a direction than a destination

2 Assisted by the coach, work to figure out the steps that are required to make progress toward that goal and are within their control

3 Finally, focusing on nailing the steps one by one, rather than solely aiming for the goal.

What skills are you planning to develop today?

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